The ANHP aims to be a trusted vehicle for positive change, promoting and advancing natural health products in the paradigm created by the South African Constitution and our country’s democratic processes, by questioning and challenging health policy and regulations, and seeking to ensure that these are appropriate, responsible and fair. These should look after the interests of the South African public and the natural health products industry.


The ANHP is concerned with certain aspects of these regulations, including:

  1. content,
  2. time frames
  3. logistical impact and
  4. viability of implementation of these regulations

A regulatory scheme that attempts to regulate natural health products in essentially the same way that allopathic medicines are regulated is wholly inappropriate and in many instances impossible to apply.

The ANHP is of the view that the regulations are an unlawful exercise of regulatory power, and the effect of these regulations will be to severely curtail or jeopardise consumers’ freedom of choice and the availability to the public of certain natural health products.

Other impacts will be:

  1. loss of jobs,
  2. loss of revenue to the entities that currently:
    1. 1. manufacture
    2. 2. supply
    3. 3. sell natural health products
  3. loss of tax revenue to the fiscus

Natural health products have a valuable role to play in all levels of the South African health system, especially in the integration of preventative health care and promoting good health and wellness, supporting the health care system.

The ANHP intends to use its resources for advocacy, promotion, lobbying and litigation in support of its mission.


The following stakeholders are represented by the ANHP:

  1. Consumers
  2. Practitioners and therapists, including African traditional healers
  3. Retailers
  4. Marketers
  5. Manufacturers, importers and wholesalers